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    This section is designed for creators of malware analysis tool programs and services to list their project. There are a couple of basic requirements:

    1. One listing per tool please. We don’t need you to spam the board or write a new listing every week.
    2. Please state whether or not your tool costs money or is free in the listing.
    3. Screenshots and brief explanations are welcome
    4. Please apply at least one tag to your tool.** This could include “PE File” for Windows files, “disassembler,” “debugger,” etc…

    That’s it. I’m going to be inviting developers to post about their tools in here so that we can have a nice repository of all known malware analysis and reversing tools. I will create a little “Table of Contents” at the bottom of this post which will have links to each tool by category so that everyone’s tools will get seen, even if they are way back on page 5 for example. Thank you.

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